About Meghan

About Meghan

Meghan Kennedy Brind

Graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine


I believe wholeheartedly that the universe aligns opportunities and individuals in your path when you need it most. Sometimes in the most unexpected ways. I’m so pleased that you’re here.

Your story matters to me. Because I have been there. I know the struggle. I know the pain, fear and utter hopelessness and it is the reason I do what I do. 

After dealing with my own mysterious chronic health issues for almost a decade, I took matters into my own hands and became a graduate of naturopathic medicine through the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.  Though I gained a much broader understanding of the human body and the complexities of illness, my journey did not feel complete.  Until I fully understood my own story of illness and healing, I simply could not understand yours. 

As a result, I committed two additional years of learning. I scanned the medical world for more information about chronic or mysterious illnesses, knowing that there was more to this story. I spoke to doctors, wellness practitioners, scientists and researchers from all over the globe. I read, I listened, I studied. I vowed to find the answers I needed to effectively treat complex chronic illnesses. And I believe I have.

I know the layers and complexities of chronic illness. I understand how they are affected by a variety of causes that are so often missed by mainstream medicine, but are essential to unravel when healing illness. And mostly, I understand the essential link between balancing the natural state of the body in order to promote healing. 

Every person that walks through my doors is unique and treatment reflects not a learned protocol but an individualized approach to healing YOU. 

Let me guide you on your own journey of rediscovering the health you deserve.

It’s your time to heal. 

Reach out and book a free 15 min phone consult with me to see if I’m the right fit for you.


Latest Blog Post

Latest Blog Post

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Meghan Kennedy Brind, Graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
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