The Vital Mind-Body Connection When Healing Chronic Illness

Just HOW important is our mind in relation to healing our physical body? Well, simply put – it is the backbone to every single treatment plan I create. If you are not aware of your daily thoughts and behaviours, your healing time can be much more lengthy and complex. It is simply essential to not only understand how your mental state affects your body and the healing process on a physiological level, it is also vital to practice daily, create new habits and ultimately make change. Let me explain.

When you have a chronic illness, over time you develop deep-rooted subconscious thoughts about being unwell. As a coping mechanism, you begin to create a lot of self-talk and beliefs about yourself – specifically your body.  Furthermore, you begin to adopt a ‘victim’ role and the result over time is that you begin to relive this role day to day, with almost no awareness.

We think seventy to ninety thousand thoughts daily. Most are subconscious, which means they are running on automatic pilot. We must begin to tap into these in order to fully heal. I can not stress this enough.

Is it just fluff – thinking this way? Absolutely not. And let me clarify, shifting your hardwired brain pathways is not just positive thinking. It requires awareness, focus and repetitive shifting of thoughts and beliefs, which will eventually change your daily experience of life. Reputable, scientific research is continuously showing the positive effects of changing your brain’s thought patterns on your physical state and well-being.

The process is not easy. But with repeated practice, slowly, the brain will begin to respond and ultimately change. We call this neuroplasticity. And WE are the ones who are fully in control of this change!

The thing about the brain is that it is ADAPTABLE. However, it will fight you for some time on the change. It’s easier to travel down pathways that are already ‘paved’ (used frequently). This is where it is important to have support, as you navigate through the webs of change.

So how DO we do this?

Well, it’s a layered approach and requires dedication and patience.

I will guide you through a series of steps to make this process more enjoyable and manageable. Meditation is one way to access your subconscious thoughts and behaviours. Another is creating new daily habits. There are so many valuable tools available to help you in literally creating a new, healthier version of you.

Awareness is step one. Once you become aware of how self-harming your thoughts are and how ‘protective’ your behaviours are, you are opening the gateways of change.

I have seen incredible healing stories with the use of neuroplastic strategies ALONE. No other treatments. The body and brain like to work in sync. When you can align the two entities and create a space for healing, the body will do some pretty miraculous things. I have only recently come to understand the immense power behind the connection of one’s mental health and the state of their physical body.

If you’d like to learn more – please reach out! It’s one of my favourite topics to share.

It’s your time to heal.

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